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This year we’ll hit a bunch of outstanding festivals including Hellfest in France, Fusion Festival in Germany, ArcTanGent in England or Øya Festival in Norway. See the full list below: 09/06 – FI, Rockfest22/06 – FR, Hellfest28/06 – DE, Fusion Festival30/06 – DE, Full Force Festival05/07 – ES, Resurrection Festival13/07 – I, Bari w/ GIAA07/08 …


Born in 1985 the Berliner by choice is not limited only to blast beats and double pedal attacks, but also harbours a great love for electronic- and pop music, jazz and other musical styles. If he’s not around touring the world, he takes time to teach drums in Berlin and spreads his love for rhythms across the country.

From 2006 to 2013 Paul had been playing for Berlin based extreme-metal band “War from a Harlots Mouth“. After 4 successful album releases and over 500 live shows around the globe (including Europe, USA, Australia and Russia) for the time being WFAHM’s last appearance took place in December, 2013.

But the next exciting chapter in Paul’s career had already begun: Since the beginning of 2014 he has been the permanent drummer to post-metal outfit “The Ocean“ (also known as The Ocean Collective), with whom he extensively tours through Europe, North- and South America, Australia and more…

Other mentionable names on the list of his drumming activities include multi-national metal outfit “Nightmarer“, dreamy post-pop songwriter “Like Lovers“, the avantgarde post-rock band “Dioramic“ as well as other well-established German artists like “Casper“, “SAFI“ or “Tristan Brusch“.

With over 15 years of experience, more than 900 performed live shows worldwide and plenty of studio recordings in the pocket, Paul is as versatile as he is open-minded.


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