In early March i got approached by none other than german legend Casper. He was in the middle of the songwriting process for his new album and asked me, if i was interested in recording drums for it.

Toolhouse Studio:

I was pretty stoked to say the least and met up with him and his producer Markus. The songs i was shown inhabited a strong dystopian mood, very versatile structures and in general a quite different concept, compared to the previous albums.

After preparing the recording session, we rented the infamous Toolhouse Studio for 5 days in March and had a wonderful time. Also on board was Moritz Enders, who was in charge of the drum engineering and helping out with difficult decisions.

Apart from choosing the right tuning, the right cymbals and the details for every single song, we were also able to dive into the certain vibe of each song to find exactly, what we were looking for. A great experience.

New Casper Video:

Now the first single just dropped recently and you can watch an intense and nauseating video below:

You can preorder the album here: Amazon / Itunes / Saturn! Go check out the website as well.


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