Working on new music, observing the world or the inner self and creating something out of nothing, seeing it transform into something audible, that you can actually grasp, is (at least to me) one of the most rewarding things in life.

It starts with an impulse, a fragment of a melody, a rhythm or maybe just a color, an image or a story. Your brain starts interacting with an intangible sphere, where nothing is constant and clear, but it makes sense, because you’re defining the sense by yourself.

It’s a place without rules. Like an autonomous creature, that posseses your body and soul and guides you, without asking for anything in return, just for the consensual pleasure of being recognized and accepted.

Eventually, what started as an impulse, turns into information and something retrievable and you find yourself in a world, which you’ve left for a couple of minutes/hours/days/weeks. You are thankful, because you can not explain or describe, what happened.

An experience, i wish i could share with everyone, to make them comprehend, realize and appreciate.