FERN solo project new band

Hey everyone,

i have just recently announced my new solo project called FERN.

Alongside my good friends Jan Kerscher (Like Lovers) and Peter Voigtmann (Heads., Rhoads) i have been working on the first release and will soon be able to release new music.

What is this FERN about?

I have “secretly” been recording and working on this for more than 2 years now. The music does not only live off drums and percussive elements, but explores the world of various instruments, such as pianos, synthesizers, rhodes, guitars, vocals and even theremin.

I started writing music again, while being in one of the darkest and emotionally intense periods of my life and everything i came up with turned into a musical outlet, maybe even as a way of dealing with my inner conflicts.

About a year ago I finally had the chance to record the first couple of songs over at Ghost City Recordings. And now we’re about to finish this beast!

Expect melancholic and dark music, unprettified, yet hypnotic and always on point.
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