After spending almost all of 2019 on the road with The Ocean i flew over to visit my long-time partner in crime Simon Sludge to lock ourselves in and write the Nightmarer follow-up album to “Cacophony of Terror”.

We spent a good 2 1/2 weeks in an intense writing session before i headed back home to Berlin to record drums at one of my favourite places: Daily Hero Recordings! Our buddy Marc, who has been involved in our album recordings since “In Shoals” times was more than happy to tag along and within 3 days all new tracks were tracked and done!

I’m very happy with my choice of gear (cymbals, shells, heads etc.), the tuning, the room and how everything turned out eventually! Intense sessions lead to intense music.

Check out some pictures captured by Emma Kollmorgen below:

Keep your eyes peeled for new music!
Love, Paul



I will be flying over to Florida soon to work on the first Nightmarer full-length with Simon and John!!!

I’ll stay in Tampa / FL for about two weeks and then head over to New York for another week, so if you’re interested in private drum lessons or meeting up in general between the 13th of Juna and the 3rd of July, give me a shout!

I’m looking forward to some intense days!

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