The end is nigh, the year is almost over!

What a turbulent year full of ups and downs, positive and negative experiences, new and old friends. When the end of the year comes closer and i start remembering, what i have been up to and i’m usually trying to remember the most moving experiences and start to valueing their importance in relation to my personal growth.

2015 has been an intense year and i’m realizing, that i have been able to pursue my dreams for almost 10 years now. What started as a naive decision, when i was still in school, turned out to be something, that surrounds me everyday of my life.

From being able to travel to the most distant places on the planet, getting to know dozens of kind and interesting people, witnessing various cultural differences and landscapes you can only dream of, to playing music with passionate friends to appreciative audiences from the 10s to the 10.000s and then eventually coming back home to a supportive, loving family, that respects my decisions and what i do for a living.

I’ve travelled to 20 countries, including Singapore, New Zealand, Australia and almost all of Europe. I’ve played almost 80 shows all over the globe. I’ve released a split EP with The Ocean Collective and started finishing my first solo EP. I had the honor to work with the german Initiative Musik, to get to know journalists from all over the world and show them the Berlin metal scene. And so on…





This is what i have always wanted and i will keep on pursuing my personal and professional goals, since they are what makes me a free person.





Thank you all for following my paths and supporting me in everything i do!

To a glorious and peaceful year of 2016!

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