A vital part of enjoying the perks of the musician life is touring, specifically when it comes to playing foreign countries and exploring the various cultures, nature and vibes that come with it.

Even after having played more than 700 shows across the globe and jet-setting from continent to continent there’s still so much more to dive into! This year’s highlights have already included travels to India, Australia, New Zealand and a full-month European tour.

But behold! The Siberian Traps tour taking place between August and October will guide us to some gems hardly anyone has ever been to let alone bands performing a concert. Not only will we traverse the vastness of Russia, we will also find ourselves in countries such as Latvia, Belarus, Armenia, Georgia and Kazakhstan. The icing on the cake will be two shows in Japan!

This will surely be one for the books and an experience that will stay with all of us forever. Here’s the full list of shows:

29/08 – LG, Riga – Melna Piektdiena
31/08 – BO, Minsk – Brugge Club
01/09 – RU, Krasnodar – The Rock Bar
06/09 – AM, Yerevan – Puppet Theater
07/09 – GE, Tbilisi – Elektrowerk
12/09 – KZ, Almaty – Motor Club
14/09 – KZ, Karaganda – Fifth Corner
15/09 – KZ, Astana – The Bus
18/09 – RU, Samara – Zvezda
19/09 – RU, Voroneszh – Station Mir
22/09 – RU, St. Petersburg – Cosmonavt*
23/09 – RU, Moscow – Station Hall*
25/09 – RU, Ekaterinburg – Dom Pechati*
26/09 – RU, Omsk – Pushkin Club
27/09 – RU, Novosibirsk – Podzemka*
28/09 – RU, Tomsk – Varyag
29/09 – RU, Krasnoyarsk – Mods
01/10 – RU, Irkutsk – Rock’n’Roll Pub
03/10 – RU, Khabarovsk – Loona
04/10 – RU, Vladivostok – Vodoley
06/10 – JP, Tokyo – Shimokitazawa Era
07/10 – JP, Tokyo – Koenji High
* w/ Soen

To say i’m eager to hit the road is an understatement.

See you on the road!


In November The Ocean Collective hit the charts in several countries! Although this might be completely irrelevant and have no further meaning to a lot of people, it sure does mean something to me. It means that what i do and how i do it lead to things that work out and pay off in the end!

And this is absolutely crucial to the idea of following a path, that makes one happy.

Thank you all for supporting and believing in me! 🙂


I sat down for an interview with Jorge from Nación Progresiva to talk about all things drumming. Recording with The Ocean in Iceland, giving drum lessons, learning new material, organizing my life etc. etc.

At the moment it’s only available in Spanish, but it’ll be re-published in English soon.


Feel free to check it out below:


Im Rahmen der Veröffentlichung des neuen The Ocean Albums “Phanerozoic I: Palaeozoic” gehen wir gemeinsam mit Rosetta und Årabrot auf Europa Tour.

Hier die Dates!

31/10 – DE Karlsruhe, Dudefest
01/11 – FR Paris, Backstage
02/11 – UK London, The Dome
03/11 – UK Leeds, Damnation Festival
05/11 – DE Munster, Sputnikhalle
06/11 – DE Wiesbaden, Schlachthof
07/11 – CH Sion, Le Port Franc
08/11 – IT Milan, Santeria Social Club
09/11 – DE Munich, Strom

Weitere Infos und Ticketlinks findet ihr hier:

Ich freu mich euch zu sehen.