And here’s a full glimpse at my kit!

I had some time yesterday to tweak my kit a little and set it up, like it felt most comfy to me and i also changed the dual-crash ride for the Benny Greb Official Sandride, which still sounds incredible.

This is a very versatile setup, as it combines my huge crashes, that i use for The Ocean Collective with the dry and effectful Meinl Cymbals that i’ve been using for the Like Lovers tour back in September!


Meinl Cymbals:

14″ Byzance Dark Hihat
19″ MB20 Heavy Crash
22″ Byzance Vintage Sand Ride
22″ Byzance Traditional Medium Crash
12″/14″ Generation X Trash Hat
22″ Byzance Extra Dry China

Tama Drums:

Starclassic Performer B/B Mocha Fade
10″ Racktom
16″ Floortom
22″ Bassdrum
14″ Starphonic LTD Satin Rosewood Snaredrum (Anniversary Edition)

Speed Cobra
First Chair

Promark Sticks by D’addario:

16″ 5B Hickory Wood Tip

Evans Drumheads:

14″ Genera HD Dry Snare Batter
10″ / 16″ G2 Coated
22″ Emad Clear Bassdrum Batter

Sometimes a little change can be a catalyst to transform your creative stagnation into motivation and inspiration…



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