I just checked out YouTube today and found out, that my contest video from a little while ago recently hit the 200.000 views mark. It is still quite unbelievable to see, that my drumming has awoken interest in so many people and that i have since then been able to achieve more than ever before:

I have had the chance to give workshops, played drum festival (including the Tama 40th Anniversary last year) and have gotten the chance to share my little tips and tricks with so many more musicians all over world.

It has strengthened me to trust myself, has pushed the boundaries of my creative confidence to another level and has brought a big amount of inspiring people into my life, that have in different ways influenced my way of thinking or writing music.

Most importantly though it has shown me, that from time to time you just have to break the habits, trust your guts and go out there to get going, to get that feedback, even if you’re at risk of failing.
I’m working on writing a little essay on self-appreciation and growth at the moment and am looking forward to sharing it with you!

Thank you for your support!

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