In December 2014, i went down to southgerman hemispheres, to work on some of my songs with my soulmate Jan Kerscher in his very own studio called Ghost City Recordings. Everything happend alongside my good friend Peter, lots of incredible food, one or another bottle of red wine and my TAMA Starclassic Performer B/B drumset, which gave me the necessary impules to free the creative mind.

I had been working on several songs, fragments of songs and ideas over the year and we started rummaging through them, sorting out important parts and would in the end polish everything with real drums, a cobbled trash kit, pianos, etc..

Even the legendary Roland JUNO-6 as well as an original Fender Rhodes were not disregarded and were granting all of the desired sounds i was looking for.

The studio is located south of Nuremburg and is hidden in between forrests in a tiny village called Oberbreitenlohe. We would take the car from time to time to buy food or just visit the Brombachsee, which is idyllicly shivering around during that time of the year.

The perfect place, the perfect surroundings and the perfect company, to flee from the metropolitan jungle and fully concentrate on music, clear one’s mind and appreciate the important things in life: music, nature and the right human beings.

brombachsee2 brombachsee

After 6 creative-intense, culinary-high-grade and successful days we unfortunately had to drive back to Berlin for getting ready to play the last The Ocean show of the year. We’re already planning further steps and i’m hoping to be able to promptly show you, what i have been meticulously and intensely working on for the last year.

Having said this: Get ready!
Yours Paul

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