I had a little conversation with Lars from about current projects, former bands and future endeavours. If you have some spare time, feel free to read and leave a comment.

Here’s an excerpt of the whole interview:

Paul, you’re involved in many different projects – would you call yourself a
professional musician?

Hi there. I would defnitely consider myself a professional musician. I’ve probably spent
the last decade working on building up my skills, working with several bands and on
different productions, playing hundreds of shows worldwide and spending all day long
with playing, writing, listening and teaching music.

When did you start drumming? Did you ever think – back then – that music will
play such an important role in your life one day?

Not specifcally. I grew up in a musical surrounding, which made me consider this path
in life very early, but i never wanted to take the same footsteps as my father. Eventually, i
ended up with a pair of sticks in my hands and it turned out, that i pretty much wanted
to be a musician from that point on, which was, when i was 15 or 16.

You can read the full interview here:


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