I’m back home from my little journey with Like Lovers. After almost a month of playing shows in various jazz clubs, weird communal studios, youth centers, old cinemas and castles, we’re all more than happy with how everything turned out.

This was definitely something special. First and foremost because of the great vibe between all of us. Just 4 people in one bus, which made everything kind of easygoing and less stressful for all the people involved. But also in terms of stage setup, live performance and atmosphere.

After having fixed all kinds of technical issues that we had with backing tracks, samples and lights, we were finally able to naturally immerse into the soundscapes and different moods of our set. A new experience escpecially for me, as i had mostly been playing loud, fast and aggressive music live for over a decade.

I am very thankful for this next level excursion, for there is still so much more to learn out there. Every tour, every new song you learn, every venue, every trip on the highway and every social interaction requires a specific examination of the situation you’re in, but at the same moment it offers a whole new field of opportunities to listen and learn.

Check out some of the impressions of the tour:


Thanks to Jan, Hannes and Benny for bearing with me! 😉

Now it’s time for me to get back into the rehearsal room and get ready for the big european tour with The Ocean Collective, Mono and Sólstafir.

Check out the dates below:

12.10. – Voxhall | Aarhus, DK
13.10. – Vulkan Arena | Oslo, NO
14.10. – Debaser Medis | Stockholm, SE
16.10. – Klubi | Turku, FI
17.10. – The Circus | Helsinki, FI
18.10. – Zhal Ozhidaniya | St Petersburg, RU
19-10. – Volta | Moscow, RU
21.10. – New York | Vilnius, LT
22.10. – Proxima | Warsaw, PL
23.10. – Heimathafen | Berlin, DE
24.10. – Neushoorn (Into The Void) | Leeuwarden, NL
25.10. – Muziekodroom | Hasselt, BE
26.10. – Live Music Hall | Cologne, DE
27.10. – Schlachthof | Wiesbaden, DE
28.10. – Backstage | Munich, DE
29.10. – Locomotiv | Bologna, IT
30.10. – Bloom | Mezzago, IT
31.10. – CCO Villeurbanne | Lyon, FR
01.11. – Apolo | Barcelona, ES
02.11. – Metronum | Taulouse, FR
03.11. – Les Docks | Lausanne, CH
04.11. – Harterei | Zurich, CH
05.11. – Trabendo | Paris, FR
06.11. – Electric Ballroom | London, UK
07.11. – Damnation Fest | Leeds, UK
08.11. – Fuzz Club | Athens, GRC
09.11. – Garajistanbul | Istanbul, TUR

See you on the road!


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