Time moves in every direction.
My thoughts are the impulse of its orientation.

Every time we look at the sun, the sky, anything… we take a look into the past. All these rays of light end up in our eyes and get converted into temporary illusions of a fixed here and now.

Simultaneously, our brains provoke thoughts of bygone experience and prophetic images of self-alignment, perceived through filters of expectation, knowledge and bias, creating an ever evolving portrait of ourselves and our potential identity.

What we decide to do each and every moment already lies in the past once these impulses leave our brain and wander off into our neural networks, our muscles, our limbs. So in a way we’re always oscillating, micro-moving between what our minds come up with and what our bodies end up doing.

There is no motionless point in time disguised as „the present“. We are creators of an immediate past, acting like a reflection of our future. What we aim to do now is vibrating in a network of coincidence and timeless matter, changing the paths of everyone‘s presence.

Being aware of these rapid yet defining changes of matter and thought will instantly broaden our horizon; within our own bodies and our sphere of influence.

And the broader our horizon, the smaller the uncertainty about our position in a field of infinite opportunities of chance and change.

Try reflecting and position yourself. Float gently in this timeless state of consciousness. And next time, before acting unconsciously, try visualizing that every tiny step taken can lead to a plethora of outcomes on an unimaginably large scale.