I’m super happy about these great news concerning my band Nightmarer. We’ve signed a deal with one of the biggest metal labels out there at the moment and I can’t wait to get a full length album out next year.

Here’s the official band statement:

We started NIGHTMARER with a very distinct concept and knew from the beginning that we would only want to collaborate with people who understand and support that very vision. Having worked with the label in the past, we already knew that Season of Mist would be the perfect choice for us.

Becoming a part of such a legendary artist roster and contributing to the label’s influential discography is nothing short of an honor. NIGHTMARER will add their mark to Season of Mist’s history with a debut LP in 2017, joining the ranks amidst such landmark releases as The True Mayhem‘s ‘Ordo Ad Chao’ and Gorguts‘ game-changing comeback ‘Colored Sands’. To say we are ecstatic about that would be an understatement.

Until then, our debut EP ‘Chasm’ is still available on limited 10″ vinyl here:


So far so good!
Excited for that new chapter.


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