Earlier this month my drumlife brought me to an amazing studio, located in the district of Gröndahl in Stockholm / Sweden: Studio Gröndahl. I had been looking forward to this, because i was both in love with Stockholm, since i was there back in 2013 and excited to record some new material for The Ocean Collective.

After arriving and meeting up with Karl-Daniel (KD), who rented out the studio, we both set up the drumkit, put on new Evans Drumheads and got everything in tune to soundcheck and find the perfect mics and sound. I went out to this incredible drum store, that had old vintage drums and a lot of signed drumheads by the likes of Virgil Donati, Simon Phillips etc..

I used an amazing sounding Tama Starclassic Perfomer B/B and a Starphonic Black Nickel snare drum, which were both part of the studio equipment. For more information on my gear click HERE.



The next two days were intense and sapping, for i would play around 9-10 hours to get the best takes and work on details and performance, but in the end everyone was very happy with the results. While the others were working on tracking the bass guitar, i took advantage of my spare time to check out the city and enjoy the summer sun.



I’ll make sure to let you know about new music very soon!


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