I’m happy and honored by Drum! Magazine presenting the first The Ocean vlog, captured in Iceland earlier this year while recording drums for “Phanerozoic”.

The post also includes a couple of insights on the mental and creative process involved in the making of the new record and being surrounded by Iceland’s beauty. Check it out at the link below:

“The most prominent effect to me was this overall humbleness towards nature and the creative process, all due to being surrounded by these vast landscapes that Iceland is so famous for,” Seidel tells Drum. “The studio was located amidst a snowed-in mountain range, offering only coldness and abrasive irrelevance. It was the antipode to Berlin, a capital at times drowning in self-importance. Relocating ourselves allowed us to ease our minds and focus on what matters.”

Exclusive Premiere: The Ocean Drummer Paul Seidel In Studio For New Album ‘Phanerozoic’


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