I have GREAT news, my friends. I’m very happy to present to you, the very first of four teaser clips for my new band Nightmarer.

I’ve been working on this new and exciting project with Simon as soon as we knew, that War From A Harlots Mouth was coming to an end. As we broke off with ‘VOYEUR’, we focused on taking the next step into our creative, gloomy and atmospheric direction.

Check out the teaser here:


Joining us is our good friend John (ex-Gigan, Success Will Write Apocalypse Across the Sky).
Our debut EP “Chasm” is a crushingly heavy Extreme Metal whirlwind of grim dissonance, rupturing tension and swallowing darkness. A distillate of our darkest thoughts and moments.

We are currently working on getting it released physically and aim to get Nightmarer on the road in 2016. For now, we will post 3 more teasers, one week at a time!!!

Make sure to follow our Facebook page or our Instagram here:




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